Jenny Cullinan

Jenny Cullinan is an artist, professional sculptor, and a wild-bee conservationist. She obtained a Diploma in Fine Art in 1992 from Technikon Natal. She has exhibited widely locally and abroad, and her sculptures are represented in both public and private collections.

Jenny’s work will hopefully immerse you in her passion and reverence for bees. “My life experience is in the world of bees, and I am bringing that into what I make as part of releasing the bee from the wood or off the paper. Art is another way of communicating... it’s like a passion pouring out in my favourite language. Hopefully my art will inspire people to have a different relationship with the bees, and see them in a different manner. My dream would be for people to start realising that there is this incredible, beautiful world around us, and if we tap into that, we’re filled with it, and we need to take care of it.”