David Kuijers

David was born on 30 March 1962 near Johannesburg of Dutch immigrant parents. He completed his schooling at the School of Art, Music and Ballet in Pretoria achieving a distinction in Graphics and in 1980 received the Best Painter award. David lives and works in Greyton in the Western Cape. "To state the obvious, the adult human has a propensity for burdening him/herself in pursuit of real and lasting happiness. Stress is big, 'living in the moment' and 'seizing the day' is easier said than done. It requires serious and ruthless mental spring cleaning. For me (and I think in general) to be both responsible and happy requires quality escapism. I need to be totally off-duty at times, undistracted, engrossed, captivated, enthused, all these things - and in between these high-focus periods, the presence of mind to notice and appreciate life's small pleasures. This is my motivation for making art, it may not be deep, but for me, it is serious and honest. My hope is that what comes out of my own escape can also provide for the viewers some escape from all the totally unimportant important matters that demand our attention."